Friday, March 14, 2014

[PROFILE] TROY (트로이) Members Profile

Here comes another group that I'm sooo looking forward to! The much-anticipated hip-hop group: TROY (트로이)! Why am I anticipating this group? Well, since some of the members already debuted as solo beforehand, and I totally fell in love with them :)) Bumkey and Kanto might sound familiar to some of you who loves K-Hip-Hop songs, because they sing amazing R&B and rap songs. I started noticing this group when they released individual teasers of the members, and I thought this would turn out to be a great one :) They already have a fandom named: Troyan ;) Below are details of the group, and the members' profiles (which are still incomplete, due to lack of information)
Group Name: TROY / 트로이
Debut Date: 13th March 2014
Official Fan Cafe:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter: @bnmtroy
Official BRAND NEW MUSIC Website:
Official BRAND NEW MUSIC Youtube Channel:
Official BRAND NEW MUSIC Twitter: @BN_Music
Name: BUMKEY (범키)
Real Name: Kwon Kibum (권기범)
Birthdate: September 22nd, 1984
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Position: Leader/Vocal

Twitter (@BUMKEY)
Name: Jaewoong (재웅)
Real Name: Lee Jaewoong (이재웅)
Birthdate: October 16, 1981
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Position: Rap

Twitter (@jwsnow81)
Name: Changwoo (창우)
Real Name: Joo Changwoo (주창우)
Birthdate: January 7, 1983
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Position: Rap

Twitter (@drjujo)
Name: KANTO (칸토)
Real Name: Choi Kwang Ryul (최광렬)
Birthdate: May 23rd, 1994
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Position: Maknae, Rap

Twitter (@kanto94) | Instagram (@youngblood_kanto)
Thankfully for once, it's not too difficult to remember the members' name and faces ㅋㅋ
Will update more info soon! 트로이 많이 사랑해주세요~♥
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