Monday, March 10, 2014

[MUSIC] Toheart (WooHyun & Key) - 1st Mini Album + Delicious MV

Fans of Infinite and SHINee who ships best-friends Woohyun and Key must be so excited with a new collaboration released by SM, named Toheart! They released a mini album with 6-tracks, and the title track: Delicious. It's a happy cheerful dance song that portrays the bromance between Woo-Key in the MV. Although I can't really handle the engrish happening in the song. 'Love is so nutritious, love is so delicious.' Okay..... ㅋㅋㅋ Check out the tracklist and MV below ( ' 3 ')~

01 Intro
02 Delicious
03 미로 (迷路)
04 You're My Lady
05 Tell Me Why
06 출발

Toheart (WooHyun & Key) - Delicious

"I want to hold your hand, I want to feel your lips
I want to whisper love in your ear
Please allow me
When I see you, my heart pounds
Don’t hesitate, come into my arms"

I know that the title of the song is Delicious; but surely that word is repeated for too many times in the song (typical of SM, hm.). But I enjoy the fun Woo-Key had in the MV, I enjoyed riding this ship - although I feel a little bit bad for Sungkyu (Woohyun's Ex, shall I say?). Even though I don't really understand the MV, the vibrant colors are really nice to see. But unfortunately I didn't really enjoy the song :( I had high expectations though.

Thankfully there are some songs in the album that I quite enjoyed listening to. My favorite has to be track 05 Tell Me Why; a slow tempo R&B song that displays both Woo-Key's vocal really nicely. It would be a shame to waste Woohyun's great vocals right? Key's raps in this song is pretty charming as well. My second favorite would be track 04 You're My Lady, which is also a soft R&B that I enjoyed quite well. Overall, I'm giving this mini album a 3/5 rating - because I wasn't hooked with the title song, and the other tracks are also so-so. But nevertheless, I'm happy their bromance get to be celebrated with all the fans who are aboard on this happy ship.
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