Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[MUSIC] GLAM (글램) - Special Gift 'Give It 2 U'

This is probably quite out-of-date, but I'm going to just post this because I came to really like and enjoy this song. GLAM is a 4-member girl-group that debuted back in 2012; but I don't think they've got enough recognition so far. I have to admit all the girls have amazing vocals; one of my favorite members is Kim Da-hee (김다희) which starred in a k-drama Monstar some time ago as Kim Nana. She displayed her amazing vocals in that drama, and I totally fell in love. GLAM released a special gift surprise for the fans for Valentine's Day, titled Give It 2 U. It's a soft melodic R&B song that I really like, so hopefully you guys can enjoy this sweet song as well ^3^

GLAM (글램) - Special Gift 'Give It 2 U' Preview

"I wanna give it to you
Not to anyone else, wanna give it to you
Besides you, the world became black and white
What to do?
My heart, I’ll give it to you
Only to you, wanna give it to you
Now I don’t even see other people"

I added a soundcloud audio for those who want to listen to the full-version of the song ^^
Looking forward to GLAM's next comeback~♥♥
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