Monday, March 31, 2014

[MUSIC] Apink (에이핑크) - 4th Mini Album 'Pink Blossom' + Mr. Chu (미스터츄) MV

The sweet girlgroup, Apink is back with a mini album to welcome the spring season, titled Pink Blossom. The title track of this mini album, Mr. Chu, is a fresh upbeat track that really suits the spring. I think the whole mini album is really sweet and girlish, just like the image that Apink always brings. Check out the tracklist and MV below ( ' 3 ')~

02. Mr. Chu (On Stage)
03. Crystal
04. 사랑동화
05. So Long
06. Mr. Chu
07. Mr. Chu (On Stage) (Inst.)

Apink (에이핑크) - Mr. Chu (미스터츄)

"Hey you, on my lips, chu, every day with you, when I see you, my eyes close
Will you secretly come to me and kiss me again?
You’re like my dream, you’re my Mr. Chu~"

I really like the title song, Mr. Chu, because it just sounds really sweet and cute. Loving the simple choreography as well ^3^ Besides the title track, I also like many songs from this mini album. Track 01. SUNDAY MONDAY, is a little bit on the acoustic side; and it still brings that 'blossom' concept for spring. Track 04. 사랑동화 is a soft acoustic ballad - that lets Eunji showcase her amazing vocals. Track 05. So Long is also one of my favorite tracks, ballad with a touch of slow beat to it. Well basically I love most of the songs in this album. Looking forward to their live performances ;)
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