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[VARIETY] Dad Where Are You Going 아빠 어디가 EP 40

Dad Where Are You Going 아빠 어디가, is one of my favorite variety shows because everything about it is just so cute. In this episode, continuing from the previous two episodes, each children brought one friend who will stay with them for the trip. The second day of the trip, it's time for the families to do Partners Sports Event after having breakfast. It's really cute to see how the kids are so competitive even though it's just a simple event and eventually everyone will get the prize. I'm pretty sure it was also fascinating for the dads. For those of you who never watched this show before, let me give you a brief introduction on the casts and the show itself.
There are five families on this show; including 4 boys and 1 girl. At first I don't even recognize any of them besides Sung Dong-Il who's a veteran actor. But after watching them for a long time, each dad has a special character and are very lovable. So here are the casts introduction:

Dad: Kim Sung-Joo (김성주) - Announcer
Son: Kim Min-Gook (김민국) - 10 years old.
Even though Min-Gook is the oldest child in Dad Where Are You Going, he has this 'crybaby' character from the start because he always got the worst house and his father's badluck. Aside from that, he's a very cheerful boy and loves to read book (on the way to the destination, and even before bedtime). Since he's the oldest, he's in charge of the other kids most of the time. Kim Sung-Joo himself is a very kind person and I think he raise Min-Gook well. He has this habit of giving sudden-quiz to Min-Gook just to test his knowledge ㅡㅅㅡ. Not to forget Min-Gook's younger brother: Min-Yool. I mean, he's one of the cutest kid ever! He came along for the siblings special episode. He's so bubbly and really want to act older than his age.

Dad: Sung Dong-Il (성동일) - Actor
Son: Sung Joon (성준) - 7 years old

They start off as the most awkward father-son couple, because it seems like Dad is not that close with Joon. But after some time, and a lot of bedtime talks, they start to become closer. Their moments are the sweetest, because we can really see how they grew closer by each episode. Sung Dong-Il is the oldest out of all the dads, and he likes to bully Sung-Joo's family (which always makes Min-Gook cry). Although he's kind of hateful sometimes, the show become more interesting with him. While Joon is the kid with the best visual among the kids. His quiet personality and his hobby to study/read books gets him the nickname Scholar Sung (성선비). Joon has a lot of aegyo, and he doesn't cry that much (because Dad Dong-Il hates it).

Dad: Yoon Min-Soo (윤민수) - Singer (Vibe)
Son: Yoon-Hoo (윤후) - 7 years old

This family has always been my favorite right from the start, because who can hate Hoo?  Min-Soo is one of the most loving dad ever, and he really likes to pull pranks on his son. He really knows kids' taste and seems to understand kids better than the other dads - which makes him the most popular Dad in Dad Where Are You Going (voted by the children). Hoo is a kid who love to eat; his favorite meal would be fried egg, Jjapaghetti (짜파게티), and practically any meal except kimchi. Hoo has a serious spicy problem with kimchi. And he's also very popular for his loveline with the only girl on the group, Jia. But it seems like an on-and-off relationship, since Hoo brought his 'girl-friend' Ji-Won for the friend special trip. Oh, and Hoo hates bugs - like his dad. He also likes to sing, following his dad's career. His favorite song right now is Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar ㅋㅋㅋ

Dad: Lee Jong-Hyuk (이종혁) - Actor
Son: Lee Jun-Su (이준수) - 6 years old

Lee Jong-Hyuk is in charge of visuals among the dads, and Jun-Su is in charge of being the most mischievous boy among the children. Jun-su is still very young, so he doesn't read or talk that well. But he sure has a 4d-character inside him. He's very playful and laugh a lot - Jun-Su is also called a 'real-man' because he never cry (except when he's told to brush his teeth) and not afraid to try new things. Another side of Jun-Su is that he sleeps very quickly (doesn't even give his dad a chance to say goodnight or have sweet talks like other families), and snores extremely loudly. He becomes sulky when his sleep is disturbed, and gives that sullen pout - especially in the morning. Jong-Hyuk (or as Jun-Su calls him Jonyeok), is very playful with his son and lets his son do anything - even playing in the rain and not washing up at night.

Dad: Song Jong-Kook (송종국) - Soccer Player
Daughter: Song Ji-Ah (송지아) - 6 years old

Song Ji-Ah is daddy's little girl, and Song Jong-Kook's love for his daughter is undeniable. In the earlier episodes of Dad Where Are You Going, Jong-Kook always carry Ji-Ah around in his arms - even when he have to carry all their baggages as well. Jong-Kook always tried his best not to wake up his princess too early, and changed her clothes when Ji-Ah is still asleep. While Ji-Ah is a really charismatic and sweet girl. I think she managed very well even though she has to play with the boys. I remember one time when she wanted to play 'house' with the boys, and the boys just played along with her - acting as husband, wife, and the children ㅋㅋㅋ. Since she's the only girl, she gained 'love interest' from Hoo and also from Jun-Su (who's always to shy to admit it). But Ji-Ah was rejected by her 'boyfriend' from kindergarten when she asked him to come for the friends special trip. Poor Ji-Ah ㅠㅂㅠ

The show itself took five families on a trip, only the children and the dads - no moms allowed. They went to stay in villages, go camping, and they even went to an abandoned island where there is absolutely nothing but sand. It's really fun to see how the children are adapting with the situation, especially without their moms around. And every meal time, the children are given tasks to find ingredients. They also experience new things such as feeding animals, picking vegetables, etc. In several episodes, the dads did a hidden camera on the children to see how they react. It's really captivating to see the innocence in kids.

Talking about Ep. 40, it's really fun to see the partners work together in the sports meet. The friends they brought has similar personalities like they do - especially Joon's partner, who's as much of a Scholar as Joon. The dads work together with the children to win the sports meet - separated into two groups: Blue and White. They first did warm up games, which are round-and-round (a game where you circle around, and when the referee shouted a number of people, you have to gather with that amount. If you have no group, you're out), and jumping rope. The real competition include cap-snatching game, three-legged race, and relay race. After finished with the friends special, the last part of this episode introduced us a little bit of the next trip to Jeolla-do! They start off by eating the delicious meals that the elders like. Can't wait for the next episode!

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