Monday, March 17, 2014

[MUSIC] MBLAQ (엠블랙) - 우리 사이 (Our Relationship)


ComeBLAQ is getting close! On March 17th, MBLAQ pre-releases 'Our Relationship (우리 사이)'  for upcoming full mini album, titled 'Broken'. 'Our relationship' is a soft-tempo ballad that displays different side of the boys.
The mini album itself (as well as the MV, i think) will be released on March 24th. Meanwhile, check out the audio of Our Relationship (우리 사이) below, and don't forget to support MBLAQ by purchasing the song on melOn! ;)

 MBLAQ - (우리 사이)Our Relationship

"We used to be two but one, but now we’re two awkward strangers
How did things get this messy? I don’t even remember.."

Finally, like finally, MBLAQ makes their long-awaited comeback after Smoky Girl. Yay! I have a very high expectation to their comeback this time, since i didn't really like their Smoky Girl comeback. And with the pre-release of 'Our relationship', i hope their comeback this time gonna be awesome, as awesome as It's War or even more awesome. lol. ;) -- See you! ;D

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