Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[MUSIC] Cube Artist (큐브아티스트) - 크리스마스 노래 (Christmas Song) MV

It's that time of the year! It's almost Christmas! And K-Pop artists are starting to come out with Christmas songs. CUBE Entertainment also joins the crowd, gathering all the agency artists to sing a 크리스마스 노래 (Christmas Song)! Most of CUBE Ent. artists are pretty well-known, like BEAST (비스트), 4Minute (포미닛), A-Pink (에이핑크), G.Na (지나), BTOB (비투비), Huh Gak (허각), and also some newbies: Roh Ji Hoon (노지훈), Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈); and lastly the one I didn't expect to see: comedian Kim Ki Ri (김기리)! Oh my God, I never knew he was in Cube Ent. Anyway, the artists join together singing the soft melodic song that's filled with Christmas mood. How can I not love this song - when you combine Huh Gak, G.Na, 4Minute's Gayoon, BEAST's Yoseob, and A-Pink's Eunji together? Their voices are wonderful. BEAST's Junhyung and BTOB's Ilhoon raps are also great. Check out the MV below ^3^
Merry Christmas, the white snow is falling
On this street that has become white all over
I will walk with you baby
Christmas, oh happy happy day
Don’t go home tonight
Let’s sing a Christmas song
The MV is just full of cuteness and the set is so heart-warming; very Christmas-y. Everyone looks cheerful and happy in the vid. But there's one person missing: 4Minute's Jiyoon - I don't know where she's gone to (?). Anyways, it's a really nice song to enjoy in December. Looking forward to what kind of Christmas songs the other K-Pop groups will offer ^ㅂ^
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