Thursday, October 31, 2013

[MUSIC] U-KISS (유키스) - 8th Mini Album ‘Moment’ | She’s Mine MV

After the release of 'Mysterious Girl', U-Kiss finally comeback with their 8th mini album entitled 'Moment', with 'She's Mine' as the title track. Check out the MV and tracklist below! ^3^

U-Kiss (유키스) - She's Mine MV
“I’ll protect my girl, a goal keeper to her heart door;Come at me if you can, throw one at me and I’ll give you a homerun” 
ღ U-KISS 8th mini album - 'Moments' 
Track 1. Intro
Track 2. Mysterious Lady

This song is probably my #1 favorite track from this album. Kevin’s sweet voice is just so beautiful

Track 3. That's My Girl/She’s Mine (내 여자야)

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t so impressed, and didn’t expect they would choose this kind of music style. After gave it a 2nd listen, I started to feel the R&B and hip hop feel of the song. One thing I notice from the beginning of the song is that AJ dan Eli’s rap is super cool! Both of them absolutely have a great rapping skills. And unlike U-Kiss’ previous title song, Kevin and SooHyun's voice is not too dominating this song. It’s not that i against it; but I'm just glad that the other members have the opportunity to show their abilities more. ^3^

Track 4. Turn off the Light (불꺼)
Track 5. Hey Man 
Track 6. Wait a Moment (잠깐만)

Track 7. That's My Girl/She’s Mine (내 여자야) INST.

Lastly, i'm a bit disappointed with the fact that there’s not even one ballad song included in this album….. T_T /criesforever/ lol But other than that, I'm quite satisfied with this album and hopefully, hopefully they can reach the #1 place with this song! <3

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