Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[MUSIC] U-KISS (유키스) - Mysterious Lady

U-KISS 8th mini album - 'Moments' 
1. Intro
2. Mysterious Lady
3. That's My Girl
4. Turn off the Light
5. Hey Man
6. Wait a Moment
7. That's My Girl (INST.)
After an unfortunate news about maknae Dongho leaving the group, U-Kiss is now gearing for a comeback as a 6-members group. Their 8th mini album, ‘Moment’ will be released on October 31st. But before that, they released a pre-release ‘Mysterious Lady’ on October 24th ahead of their comeback. Check out the audio below~ ^3^

" Mysterious lady, so mysterious lady,
It’s harder than solving a problem a math competition,
damn straight up~" ♫
I personally super love this song; it has a nice tempo and melody; that make you want to keep repeating it again and again. ♫♬ U-Kiss has always been one of my favorite K-Pop group. They had nice title songs and concept, they’re also talented and handsome, so i don’t get it why they still didn’t get #1 in music shows. My heart is broken. :( lol but really, i really hope they will get #1 with their comeback this time, because they really are deserved it. Can’t wait for the title song and their comeback on Oct 31st. Fighting! ♪(*´θ`)ノ

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