Friday, February 28, 2014

[DRAMA] SBS Three Days (쓰리데이즈)

Three Days (쓰리데이즈)
*fangirl moments - seriously can't breathe while staring at the movie, I mean drama, poster*
I count down the days until I can finally see Yoochun back in the k-drama screen, and now the wait is over, because he's back as a (sexy) President bodyguard in action. I know that most people are still in the mood for our handsome alien, Do Min-joon; but I can't not get excited with this drama, seriously. Three Days is going to take over Man From the Stars slot on Wednesday and Thursday. The three-days-full-of-action will be divided into 16 episodes; which starts next week.
The South Korean President travels to a villa to enjoy his vacation. After three gunshots are fired, he disappears. His bodyguard Han Tae-Kyung (Park Yoo-Chun) attempts to find the President. ()
The plot of the drama sounds simple, because it's basically about our (hot) bodyguard who's going to save the President. Anyway, I honestly don't really care about the President, as long as I get to stare at Yoochun's face.ㅋㅋㅋ *sorry, not sorry*

Three Days (쓰리데이즈) Teaser

Bodyguard Han Tae Kyung…
…Will you be able to protect me?

Unless you kill me, you’ll never be able to kill the President.
Please protect me, LOL. I chose the teaser where we get to see all the characters in the drama; and I think amongst all the other teasers, this one shows how intense this drama is. I guess I can't hope for a cute-romcom moments ;___; (although I heard there will still be a love-line for our hero)


Park Yoo-chun as Han Tae-Kyung
(my bodyguard. HAHA. sorry)
Son Hyun-Joo as Lee Dong-Whi (President)
Jang Hyun-Sung as Ham Bong-Soo
Park Ha-Sun as Yoon Bo-Won (love-line for our hero)
So Yi-Hyun as Lee Cha-Young
Choi Won-Young as Kim Do-Jin
Yoon Je-Moon as Shin Kyu-Jin
God, just can't get enough of all those bodyguard-ish gestures. Give me Yoochun please. Now.
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