Monday, November 25, 2013

OppaJjang Shop is Finally Open!

After the long struggle, we finally open our online shop at (you can also click the Our Shop link at the navigation above) ♥ We had our debut exhibition, displaying variety of K-Pop t-shirt designs. For those who haven't know, OppaJjang Shop sells K-Pop t-shirts and merchandise - which are especially designed for K-Pop fans. We are currently selling more than 20 t-shirt designs in our shop, and will keep updating with newer stuffs. Below are the pictures taken from our exhibition ^3^

OppaJjang is a brand focusing on K-Pop/Hallyu t-shirts and merchandising based in Indonesia. As passionate K-Pop/Hallyu fans ourselves, we feel that there's not many way to show our love for our favorite idols. We love to buy official merchandises, but mostly are very expensive so we can't spend too much money on it. So we decided to create this brand, graphic t-shirts inspired by our favorite K-Pop songs and idol groups to reflect our love and support for our idols.
Our philosophy in creating the design is to wear something fashionable and we can be proud to wear it daily - outside or inside your home.The t-shirts doesn't necessarily have idol group logos pasted on it, but rather we use song lyrics, album titles, fandom name - which is like a secret code between K-Pop/Hallyu fans who understands :) 
Our T-Shirts are especially designed (with love :P) for K-Pop fans out there, including you! :D So don't hesitate to visit and pick your favorite K-Pop T-Shirt (and show off your fandom(s)!!) on our shop! ^_^ 

But unfortunately, we are still unable to ship overseas. For now, shipping is only available in Indonesia. BUT. With your endless support, we hope we can deliver our products worldwide very soon :D 

Lastly, don't forget to keep in touch with us and get the latest update of our shop by following our facebook, instagram, and twitter below! ;)


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