Sunday, October 13, 2013

[DRAMA] KBS2 Secret Love (비밀)

Secret / Secret Love

As the title said, this drama is about secrets. ‘Secret Love’ is a melodrama; about a man who fall in love with the woman responsible for his girlfriend’s (and his unborn baby) death. 

Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) was born into a wealthy family. He has everything including good looks, intelligence, but he doesn’t have kindness. He loses his girlfriend in a hit-and-run accident. 
Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min Hyuk’s girlfriend. Her boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin) is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo Jung took the blame. She is then betrayed by her boyfriend. 
Meanwhile, Shin Se Yeon (Lee Da Hee) is the one with an unrequited love. She’s described as “thirsty for love,” and she’ll be a character in pain because she can’t have the one person she wants. ( 

At first i didn’t have any plan to watch this drama because i’m not a fan of melodrama. I prefer romantic-comedy or fiction drama. :P But since Jisung and Lee Dahee are the cast, and the plot seems interesting, i decided to watch it. ♪(*´θ`)ノ♥ Now, let’s meet the characters!

Ji Sung as Jo Min Hyuk

Hwang Jung Eum as Kang Yoo Jung

Bae Soo Bin as Ahn Do Hoon

Lee Da Hee as Shin Se Yeon

Some people said that this drama has a similar plot with Song Joong Ki's Innocent Guy. I have no idea about that because i didn't watch Innocent Guy (yet). So far, i found this drama has an interesting plot, and it portray life's reality where there is love, trust, and secret; where there is happiness and tears. I'm really excited and curious about how the story will be going. :3 I will write a review about this drama soon after the drama ended, so stay tuned! ;) 

Have a good day everyone! ^3^ 뿅~
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