Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[MUSIC] HYORIN (효린) - The First Album 'LOVE & HATE'

Hyorin (효린) of the girl group SISTAR finally released her first album titled 'Love & Hate'. This time, she's back with double title song: Lonely (론리) and 너 밖에 몰라 (One Way Love). Hyorin is so popular with her amazing vocals / beautiful voice. And this time, Hyorin's fans can be fully satisfied because the album contains 10 tracks! Some songs also features other talented artists such as ZICO of Block B, Lil Boy of Geeks, Dok2, and MadClown. Check out the MVs below :3
My face reflected in the shop window looks pitiful, so sick. Where did the me, who laughed and cried in happiness, go?
It’s raining again, I want to stop getting wet.
Will you stay a little longer till these tears go to sleep?

Lonely you lonely you, do you know my heart?
The MV sets in the beautiful streets of London, and we'll see Hyorin walking, running, taking her coat off, smiling, laughing, twirling, posing, leaning on the wall, etc. And so I don't really understand what the MV tried to say (?), it's probably just to make her fans happy by seeing Hyorin's various expressions. The song is very soothing and calm, especially with Hyorin's husky voice - but it's not my favorite song from the album.

You’re a really bad guy, you’ll regret it
You don’t know anything but yourself
Why don’t you know anything but yourself, why do you only think about yourself? 
Boy nothing but yourself, you don’t know anything but yourself, 
Why don’t you know anything but yourself
Please stop driving me crazy

The second title track is 너 밖에 몰라 (One Way Love), the Korean literally means 'You don't know anything but yourself'. It's a catchy pop song with a nice beat and melody to it. The chorus repetition made the song addictive. It kind of feels like Sistar19's song, but now Bora is not around and Hyorin took care of the rap herself. The MV portrays the love and hate relationship in a couple. Loving the choreography, although the leg-spreading part is kind of provocative.
Track 03 사랑 하지 마 (Don't Love Me) delivers Hyorin's strong vocals through a pop-ballad song.
Track 04 스토커 (Feat. 매드클라운) (Stalker), is one of my favorite from the album. Madclown's raps is great and the lyrics are also very nice.  
Track 05 마사지 (Feat. Dok2) (Massage), is an R&B song that uses a mix of different sounds - but If feel nothing special about it.  
Track 06 Closer is a soft-ballad, this one is also my favorite. Hyorin's high notes is perfection. Super super beautiful song.  
Track 07 립스틱 짙게 바르고 (Feat. ZICO of Block B) (Red Lipstick); since I already love Zico's rap, it's not difficult to love this song. Upbeat song combined with Hyorin's perfect pitch and Zico's attractive rap, love it!  
Track 08 Falling, is another favorite (I guess almost all the songs in this album are my favorite) for me. It's a wonderful song with smooth melody and a touch of melancholy  
Track 09 O.M.G (Feat. 긱스 릴보이) is finally a song with a more cheerful vibe. 
Track 10 오늘 밤 (Tonight) is also an upbeat and lively song. 
Overall, it's an amazing album indeed ^3^
I want you, I only want you, even though I hate you.
In your heart, in your memories, I wanna be your only love.
I’ll be honest, I only want you, even though tears come.
I can’t help it, I’m feeling like I stalk and love.

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