Monday, November 25, 2013

[MUSIC] Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈) - 아프고 아프다 (Hurtful) MV

Shin Ji Hoon is a young rookie (still at the age of 15! She's a 98' liner), who just debuted with the song Right There. She's known as Top 6 of of SBS's K-Pop Star Season 2 contestants. And now after one month, she released another ballad song titled 아프고 아프다 (Hurtful) that will match the melancholic autumn season. Judging from the mellow title, I was hoping for a super sad ballad. But it turns out the song has a nice melody to it, more of a pop song. But the lyrics are quite sad. Watch the MV below ^3^
It hurts and hurts, after you left
It’s sad and sad, I still can’t forget you
Tears endlessly fall when I hear about you sometimes
What do I do now?
Come back to me boy.
It's the little girl from Miracle in Cell No. 7! Even though I don't really understand the plot of the MV, I think it's trying to portray separation - which I think is what the lyrics about. The setting is so pretty! I think it's that village where the walls of the neighborhood is full of paintings, even the staircase is painted with flowers. Really want to go there someday and take lots of pictures ㅋㅋ

I eat and watch TV, then I rub my sleepy eyes and go to my room.
I turn off the lights and toss and turn and another day passes at thoughts of you.
Everything will be erased if I fall asleep, even this lonely and frustrated heart.
Every day, I only hope that tomorrow will be different from today.
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