Saturday, November 2, 2013

[MUSIC] Ailee (에일리) - 눈물이 맘을 훔쳐서 (Tears Stole the Heart) Lyrics MV

Ailee sings a ballad song for the soundtrack of k-drama, Secret (비밀). It's a beautiful ballad and suits perfectly for the melodramatic k-drama. Her strong vocals delivers the emotion very well, and I absolutely love the songg! ㅠㅂㅠ The music video for this soundtrack also sums up the drama; the love-and-hate relationship between the main characters. Jisung is such a bad-boy and he looks so attractive in the MV. Below is the lyrics MV (Han|Rom|Eng); enjoy the song! (MV is not mine, by the way.)

I believe that I love you, shaking me up crazily.
I believe that I love you, my swaying love.
In case you get scared and hide if I go to you.
Though it hurts to death, I only look at you.
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