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[VARIETY] We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요 EP 191

We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요, is a variety show where two celebrities become an on-screen couple by 'getting married' (although they didn't know each other at first). The current couples are: Taeun (Lee Taemin from Shinee & Son Naeun from A-Pink), 4D Couple (Jung Joon-Young - rock singer & Jung Yoo-Mi - actress), and the last is Yoon Han (pianist) & Lee So-Yeon (actress) couple. The 'senior' in this episode would be Taeun, and this couple has progressed a lot since their first appearance on this show. The newer couples are still starting to know each other better, but it wasn't going so well for the 4D-couple who keeps fighting. Yoon Han-So-Yeon couple is the more serious type because both of them really want to get married (in real life) soon. Now let's talk about this week's episode! ( ・∀・)
 *Yoon Han - Lee So-Yeon couple

It's time for the new couple to move in to their honeymoon house, and their mission is to decorate their new home. They look through furniture stores - even lying in a bed together, choosing cups for each other, and acting out 'couple-situations'. After consulting with an interior designer, a package arrived at the house filled with painting tools. So-Yeon who knows about painting better than Yoon-Han teach him how to do things. Both of them also draw each other's face on the wall. And when the ceiling is too high for So-Yeon to reach, Yoon Han offered her to ride on his shoulders. The project made them both more comfortable and closer with each other. Although their acts and words may sound cheesy, they're a sweet couple.
*Jung Joon-Young - Jung Yoo-Mi couple
The second part is time for the complete opposite of the Yoon Han-So-Yeon couple: the 4D-couple. This week, both Jung Joon-Young and Jung Yoo-Mi are guests in the studio, so they can watch the episode together. This couple have also moved to their newlywed house, but since Joon-Young brought his gaming machine, he does nothing else but play. Their mission this week is to make an agreement on couple rules. But of course things are not going smoothly, as expected. Ater Joon-Young is done writing his rules, he started drawing, dribbling basketball, and playing guitar because he was bored ㅋㅋㅋ When it comes to discussion, the word 'marathon' arises - the thing Joon-Young most scared of, and what Yoo-Mi loves the most. And after a long time, this couple finally goes outside for an 'exercise' after Joon-Young's 1-hour-play. But they ended up fighting again, over marathon.... =ㅂ=
 *Lee Taemin - Son Naeun couple
The last one is Taeun couple, who are still having their sweet moment while making wine instead of going to Spain. In the previous episode, both of them confessed that they have opened up each other's heart to the fullest. While stepping on the wild grapes in a container, there's more skinship that gets them closer. And of course, what better skinship you can get than smearing wine on each other's faces? Although their eyes looks like it sheds blood tears, they're loving it because they can touch each other's faces. When it turns into night time, Taemin prepares a Spanish dinner for Naeun - a dish called Paella (which doesn't look like a real Paella). After dinner they had a heart-to-heart conversation about each other's feelings, and Taemin holds Naeun's cold hands. But in the next episode's preview, Naeun said that her trust for Taemin is shattered?! Naeun cried as she said that she might have given her heart too easily. Oh my, I really can't wait for next week's episode.

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