Sunday, October 27, 2013

[MUSIC] Trouble Maker - 내일은 없어 (Now) M/V

After all the steamy-hot teasers, Trouble Maker (Hyuna - 4Minute & Hyunseung - B2ST) released the teaser for the song titled 내일은 없어 (Now). It's definitely a lot more 'advanced' than their previous song titled Trouble Maker, in terms of skinship (although it's probably just about the camera-play). But I'm still not really into the song that much. Trouble Maker was much more catchy and easy to love. While watching the MV, I was too focused with what's happening on screen rather than listening to the music. Watch the MV below :) *They're supposed to release a dance version as well, so let's wait for it.


I don't really understand what the song's about, because I haven't looked up the lyrics yet. The translation to the title is "There's No Tomorrow (Now)". The MV itself tried to convey the I-love-you-but-I-hate-you thing, I think. I was pretty surprised with the interaction between the two - especially the bed scene and passionate kiss (I don't have to be that surprised actually, since the photo teasers already hint on a bunch of skinships happening). Hopefully the fans won't start bashing or anything like that. Like I said earlier, I'm still not really loving this song. But I guess if I listened to it a couple more times, it will get stuck in my head.

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