Friday, October 18, 2013

[VARIETY] Dad Where Are You Going 아빠 어디가 EP 41

The 18th trip of Dad Where Are You Going took place in Jeollado! Their mission in this neighborhood is to help the elders of the village to do their work. So the 5 families are divided into 3 groups to finish different errands. The first group: Sung-Joo, Yoon-Hoo, and Ji-Ah - are selected to do blanket laundry for the elders. The second group: Min-Soo, Jong-Hyuk, Joon, and Jun-Su - are going to make red pepper paste (gochujang 고추장) from scratch. The last group: Dong-Il, Jong-Kook, and Min-Gook are picking peppers on a huge field.

The laundry group is so full of love because Hoo and Ji-Ah happily gets inside the washbasin and steps on the dirty blankets together. The narrow space made them so close together. This looks like something you'll see in Korean dramas. ㅋㅋㅋ After stepping on the laundry, they have to hit on the blankets with a stick - which is time for Hoo to show off his strength in front of Ji-Ah. Rinsing the blankets in the water is also hard work for Hoo because they become heavier with water. But of course Hoo cannot show his weaker side in front of a girl..... Hoo and Ji-Ah both praised by the passing elders for their great laundry-skills.

The gochujang group starts off by removing the stems from the red peppers. The cutest thing to see from this group is how Junsu keeps boasting about how they wouldn't do well without him. So he kept asking the dads "What if I wasn't here?" just to get their appraisal. LOL. Cutie pie. After finished with the first task, the dads send off Joon and Junsu to go make the dry peppers into powder, and buy other essential ingredients to make gochujang. Both of them are totally in awe when they saw the machine grind the dry peppers into pepper powder. And when they get back, the dads are at work to mix the ingredients, making the gochujang! I seriously want to eat bibimbap when I watched them making gochujang ;___;

Min-Gook is stuck with the Dad he's not really fond of: Dong-Il. But it turns out their interaction was going quite well. Min-Gook also focused on picking the red peppers and barely said a word. While Dong-Il and Jong-Kook keeps talking while working at the same time.

After they're done with the workload, it's finally dinner time! And the families get to taste the wonderful culinary taste of Jeollado. Seriously, just by watching them eat, it makes me really hungry. At nighttime, the PD gives a mission to the kids, which is to find special amazing crops you can find in Jeollado without help from the dads. The four crops they have to find: rice plant, pomegranate, sponge gourd, and taro. The five kids excitedly walk around in the dark to find the crops - and of course a lot of cuteness in this part.

Hoo and Min-Soo had a very cute conversation while tasting the crops that the kids found earlier. And while Joon goes to sleep, Hoo and Min-Soo who're not sleeping and are going to see a ghost that comes out from a well at 12 midnight. Since the well is in Min-Gook's house, Sung-Joo also comes out (but Min-Gook is too scared ㅋㅋ) and tells a scary story about the ghost to Hoo. Sung-Joo tells Hoo that someone needs to be pulled inside the well for the ghost to come out. And it turns out Jong-Hyuk is playing ghost! HAHAHAH. He's so funny, wearing an ajumma's hanbok to disguise himself.
The three dads try to play a trick on Hoo and Min-Gook (who's finally out when he heard his dad went missing), and they're so good at it. LOL. It was a fun episode at the end, although unfortunately not all the kids are there xD Next week, it's autumn picnic time!
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