Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[MUSIC] Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - WWW (Who When Why) '1st Album'

Kim Jaejoong '1st Album' - WWW (Who When Why)
01. 빛
02. Don’t Walk Away (feat.용준형 Of Beast)
03. Just Another Girl
04. Butterfly
05. Rotten Love
06. 햇살 좋은 날 (feat. 이상곤 Of 노을)
07. Let The Rhythm Flow
08. 그랬지
09. Now Is Good
10. 9+1#
11. Luvholic (feat.하동균)
12. Modem Beat
13. Paradise
Kim Jaejoong finally released his solo full-album titled: WWW (Who When Why). There are 13 tracks in the album, and most of them are rock songs - but still delivers Jaejoong's amazing vocals. The title track for this album is Just Another Girl, which has a rock vibe to it. Although I'm not really a big fan of rock songs (except for F.T. Island, maybe), but the song is pretty nice. Check out the MV below~!

Another song that caught my attention is the 2nd track: Don’t Walk Away featuring Yong Jun-Hyung from B2ST! Jaejoong is known to be friends with Jun-Hyung, so I'm very happy with their collaboration. Amidst all the rock songs, there's a ballad song track 6; 햇살 좋은 날 (Sunny Day), which was pre-released ahead of the album. One of my favorite songs in the album. Track 8 is also another ballad, 그랬지, with slight instruments to accompany Jaejoong's beautiful voice.

Even though I'm happy and supportive of Jaejoong's solo comeback, I'm still waiting for JYJ's comeback desperately ;___; Hopefully I don't have to wait for too long.
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