Friday, October 11, 2013

[MUSIC] SHINee - Everybody 'The 5th Mini Album'

SHINee is back with a military concept for their 5th mini album. This five-member group debuted in 2008 with a cute concept song, Replay. Time after time, the group evolved, as well as their songs. My favorite title track song from SHINee would be Lucifer. Even though I don't really enjoy their upbeat title tracks over the years, I always love SHINee's ballad and pop songs. Jonghyun and Onew's vocals are definitely the best part of those ballad songs. Back to this mini album, the title track is Everybody, kind of like a DJ remix song with techno beats to it. Check out the MV and Album Highlight Medley below :)

In this MV, SHINee still pulls off a complicated dance choreography - like they did with Sherlock - and they're good at it. The dance is so full of energy. Looking forward to their comeback stage. Since this is an upbeat dance song, most of the lyrics is dominated by the word 'Everybody'. I know it's the title of the song, but really, I don't have to be reminded that many times.

Even though the album isn't released yet, after listening to the highlight medley I'm sure I'll love the ballad/pop songs. From the medley, I'm anticipating the 1st, 5th, and 7th track. When the album is released I will add a review for it ^^

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