Thursday, October 10, 2013

[MUSIC] KAHI - Who Are You 'The 2nd Mini Album'

KAHI is back with her solo second mini album - Who Are You. She was an ex-After School member (the leader, that is), and 'graduated' from the group in 2012. I really like Kahi since After School, because she has this amazing charisma and awesome dancing skills (she used to be BoA's back-up dancer). No doubt she is very pretty and talented; and her title track in this album titled It's Me (Feat. Dumbfoundead). Check out her MV and album tracklist below :)

Track 1. Boys And Girls (feat. Swings)

Track 2. It’s Me (feat. Dumbfoundead)
Track 3. Hey Boy (feat. Dok2)
Track 4. Sinister (feat. 베카 [Bekah])
Track 5. 색색의 세계 (With 윤도현 Of YB)
Track 6. Slow
Most of the songs in this album sounds a little bit jazzy. The title track has this sophisticated beat, and Kahi's vocals made the song sounds classy. I absolutely love the MV! Kahi looks extremely gorgeous, especially with the vintage feel of the setting and everything. The choreography also looks great, even better with Kahi's perfect body and abs. The fourth track, titled Sinister, is a song featuring also an ex-After School member, Bekah. 색색의 세계 (With 윤도현 Of YB) has an oldies feel to the song. While the last track, Slow, is a ballad song that sounds really sad and mellow. I don't have a favorite track in this album, but I think the title track is the best one out of 6 songs.


And if you like the song, don't forget to watch the live comeback performance of Kahi to see all the dance moves (。´▽`。) 안녕~!

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