Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[DRAMA] ★ The Heirs 상속자들 ★

왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라 / 상속자들
The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown / The Heirs

One of the most anticipated k-drama started airing today on October 9, 2013. This Wednesday-Thursday drama is full of beautiful and gorgeous casts, which makes anxiously waiting for it to air. The wait is over, and hopefully this drama will not disappoint. I'm still not sure if I will like the storyline or not, but I will definitely watch it until the end - just to please my eyes. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The casts include Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Kang Min-hyuk, Kim Woo-bin, Choi Jin-hyuk, Krystal Jung from f(x), Kim Ji-won, Kang Ha-neul, Park Hyung-sik from ZE:A, etc. This drama is set in a high-school full of rich kids, and then there's Cha Eun-sang (played by Park Shin-hye) the ordinary poor girl. No doubt, there will be love lines happening in this drama - so I' extremely excited. I really love Lee Min-ho since he played Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Before Flowers. He's perfect for a rich, high-class character who's arrogant and snobbish. I'm looking forward to his character in this drama. At least his hair is not curly this time. ㅎㅂㅎ

From the list of casts, I'm familiar with several but most of them I've never heard of. Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye are no doubt a great actor/actress. I recently watched Monstar, and there's Kang Ha-neul. Even though his character in that drama doesn't give out a lot of expressions, I think he's suitable for a rich-and-royal character. I'm really looking forward to seeing Park Hyung-sik, Kang Min-hyuk and Krystal act, because I never watched their acting before. I will also lay my eyes on Choi Jin-hyuk, because he went on Running Man last time, and he's really good looking (somehow his face is very similar with Lee Min-ho). The pictures below are for your pleasure.

I usually don't watch dramas before it ends, because I hate cliff-hanging situations that makes me think about it all day. But I will probably make an exception for this one, because I'm just so curious. SBS relased a 14-minute preview of the drama, so for those of you who haven't heard of this drama yet, watch below. Hopefully you'll get as much interest about it as I do :)


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