Thursday, January 2, 2014

[MUSIC] RAIN(비) - Rain Effect Album | LA Song + 30SEXY MV

RAIN(비) is finally back with his 6th full album titled 'Rain effect'! After completing his 2 years long military service (with some controversies on it) on July 2013, with the double title track 'LA Song' and '30Sexy', Rain is ready shows us his matured and sexy side of him. Check out the 'Rain Effect' album tracklist and 'LA Song' and '30Sexy' MV below! ↓↓↓↓↓

Track List:
01. Rain Effect
02. 30 Sexy
03. La Song
04. 어디 가요. 오빠 (feat. 현아)
05. 마릴린 먼로 (Marilyn Monroe)
06. 차에 타봐
07. Superman
08. 알아버렸어
09. Dear Mama Don’t Cry
10. 30 Sexy (East4A Deeptech Mix) 

RAIN(비) - LA Song

RAIN(비) - 30Sexy

The long-awaited comeback of Rain is finally here!~ I still clearly remember the day he left for army 2 years ago. lol. Time flies, and one of the K-Pop king is now back!♥ 

30Sexy is definitely Rain's style. Who says you need to be shirtless, have an intimate scene with women, wearing erotic clothes to look sexy? Rain prove it. He looks incredibly sexy just by stand there and dancing. 

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