Friday, January 3, 2014

[MUSIC] Girl's Day (걸스데이) - Everyday III Mini Album + Something MV

Everydayy~~~ Girl's Day!~♥ 
Girl's Day is back with their 3rd mini album 'Everday III', with the title track 'Something'. This album was produced by Duble Sidekick (이단옆차기) team. Check out the tracklist and MV below!~~ ^_^
Girl’s Day’s new title track “Something” is about a man with wandering eyes who lies to the woman that loves him. It depicts the various subtle emotions between them and how they deal with their relationship. 
The electronic sounds that are universal to dance songs have been eschewed this time in favor of a hip-hop groove and acoustic instruments. This was done in order to put the focus on Girl’s Day’s voices. How the members move between different vocal registers, including falsetto, is particularly noteworthy, as they dramatically express a woman’s feelings: how love is painful, how love brings you to tears, and how love is just generally hard. 
It is a song that demonstrates the peak of unusual feminine beauty, and Girl’s Day themselves do the same. ()

01. G.D.P Intro
02. Something
03. 휘파람 (Whistle)
04. Show You
05. Something (Inst.)

GIRL'S DAY (걸스데이) - Something

GIRL'S DAY (걸스데이) - Something
(Dance Version)

" Was the love I gave a joke to you? Were you sick of the love I gave you? I don’t want to show you the tears I held back.. Was the love I gave a joke to you? Were you sick of the love I gave you? Are we over?Are we over? "

Girl's Day is well known for their unique and sexy dance, and this time, with 'Something', they're definitely nailed it! The title track 'Something' is a bit different with their previous hits like Expectation and Female President, but i think this kind of song is suits them well too. And their choreography for 'Something' is really interesting too! Although their outfit looks weird. (especially the pink one ;_; )

Besides that, Girl's Day members Minah, Sojin, Yura, and Hyeri look extremely beautiful in this MV! <3 Sojin looks so gorgeous. Can you believe she is actually 28 years old?

For the album, if i'm about to give a rating, i will rate it 4,5/5 Stars. Duble Sidekick is really doing a good job! All songs was written and produced by them. My favorite tracks from this album is Track 01. Something and Track. 04 Show You. Show you is a mid-tempo ballad that displays Girl's Day sweet voice. The song is just so good. And totally my style. hehehe. ^3^ Check out the audio below!~~*

GIRL'S DAY (걸스데이) -Show You

" If I add you to to my life, It’s like a perfect melody to a song. There’s nothing like it in the world. I want your love. "

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