Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[MUSIC] GOT7 (갓세븐) - 'Got It?' Album + Girls Girls Girls MV

After the long wait, JYP Entertainment's newest boy group, GOT7 (갓세븐) finally debuted with Girls Girls Girls on January 15th! Check out the tracklist for their 1st Mini Album titled 'Got It' which will be released on January 20th and Girls Girls Girls MV below!~~ ^3^

01. 여보세요 (Hello)
02. Girls Girls Girls
03. 난 니가 좋아 (I Like You)
04. 따라와 (Follow Me)
05. Like Oh
06. Playground

GOT7 (갓세븐) - Girls Girls Girls

" Whether they’re older or younger, whether they’re a dongseng or a nuna. They hold onto me, saying they like me, asking to party together. Whether the girls know me or not, they ask what I’m doing, asking if they could talk to me for a bit. I wish I had a twin, maybe I should replicate myself like the Matrix. I have one body but the demand keeps coming in, every lady wants a piece of me.
...Girls Girls Girls, They love me! "
Yes, guys. I love you! ♥ㅅ♥ ; Despite the fact that i'm 5 years older than Yugyeom, the maknae. lol. // I've been waiting for GOT7's debut especially because i'm excited to see JJ Project's JB and Jr. in this group, and i'm really anticipating GOT7's 3 foreign members, Jackson Wang from HongKong , Mark Tuan from California , and BamBam from Thailand :D And now that they finally debuted with Girls Girls Girls, i'm so excited!! 

Although my expectation is much more higher than they actually give (because i know they can do much better than this^^;;) But, the song is pretty catchy, especially the chorus part. lol. Their acrobatic ability is also no joke! Maybe the 'Post2PM' nickname for them is not too excessive. ;) I'll be looking forward to their activities and i hope they can be the hottest rookie this year! ♥

GOT7 (갓세븐) - 1st Mini Album 'GOT IT?'
(Audio Playlist)

So, what is your favorite track from GOT7's 1st Mini Album 'Got It?'? ;) Mine would be Track 02. Girls Girls Girls,  Track 03. 난 니가 좋아 (I Like You) , and Track 06. Playground.♥  Their title track 'Girls Girls Girls' is really an addictive song, that match their acrobatics performance well. My ultimate favorite is Track 03.난 니가 좋아 (I Like You). They performed it on their Garage Showcase on January 15th, and the dance is just too cute! <3 Too bad i can't find the live performance on their showcase anymore :(( 

Rating :  3.5/5 Stars
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