Sunday, November 2, 2014

[DRAMA] tvN Liar Game (라이어 게임)

After abandoning this blog for so long, I finally had the urge to write another post because I just recently started watching a new k-drama! The k-pop world is facing a lot of crisis right now, so let's focus on the amazing dramas first ㅋㅋㅋ I watched a lot of tvN's dramas and most of them are fun to watch (King of High School, Marriage Not Dating). And I was intrigued by their newest drama on the Monday-Tuesday slot, which has a very interesting premise. Surprisingly, it'll only last for 10 episode, so it's considered a short-drama. I watched 4-episodes so far and enjoying so far. Here's the brief synopsis of the drama:
Various contestants take part in a game show with a prize of 10 billion won. The contestants who can cheat the otehrs wins the prize. Contestants include genius swindler Cha Woo-Jin (Lee Sang-Yoon) and naive college student Nam Da-Jung (Kim So-Eun). ()

Liar Game (라이어 게임) Teaser

This drama was based on a manga with the same title, and was adapted into a Japanese TV series back in 2007 (I think). It's a thrilling psychological-mind games with a lot of plot twists which I love.

Kim So-Eun as Nam Da-Jung
Lee Sang-Yoon as Cha Woo-Jin

Shin Sung-Rok as Kang Do-Young

These three are the only main characters; and there are a lot of side characters that might only show up for 1-2 episodes as their opponents. Kim So-Eun is a great cast to play an innocent and kind young lady. I am currently loving Cha Woo-Jin's character who's a genius and fits perfectly in the Liar Game. And Shin Sung-Rok plays Kang Do-Young's character perfectly with that wicked look of his. I think he's really popular in dramas this year.

Since this drama is also a game about money, we get to see what people would and could do for the sake of money and their greed. The games in the Liar Game also keeps changing every round, so there's always new excitement and tricks going on. So far there's been 2 Rounds, and going to the 3rd one. I'm really curious to see how the story's going to turn out.

I think this drama is going to get even more exciting as it goes.
I'm just sad it's only 10-episodes long ㅠㅠ
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