Sunday, November 10, 2013

[MUSIC] Taeyang (태양) - RINGA LINGA (링가 링가) MV

Taeyang (태양) pre-release a song before his solo comeback with album 'Rise'. The title of the pre-released song is RINGA LINGA, which is composed by Big Bang's leader G-Dragon and Jose E. Luna. The song has this club-vibe and hip-hop feel to it. You will definitely hear a lot of 'Ringa Linga Ring~Ringa Linga Ring~' in the song. For all you VIPs out there, you must be excited with this release, so check out the MV below. You can spot G-Dragon in the MV too! Few days ago, Taeyang also released a dance performance version to the song - featuring awesome dancers - so check that out as well ^^
Don’t stop baby don’t kill my vibe
Because I like how things are going right now
Shake it like you have a spasm
Everyone sing along
Ringa linga ring ringa linga ring
I'm not a big fan of Taeyang's solo; especially not a fan of his hair and fashion styles. But this song is quite addictive because of the repetition on Ringa Linga is pretty catchy. Looking forward to his album soon! Hopefully the title track will be great, and I wish Taeyang would do a normal hairstyle that can make him look good. Seriously, weird hairstyles overshadowed his great look. His first performance will be this week's Inkigayo. Let's wish Taeyang well for his solo comeback ^_^

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