Wednesday, November 20, 2013


After all the teasers with audio snippets of the song, 2NE1 is finally back with their song 그리워해요 (MISSING YOU). Seriously, why idols keep singing something about missing somebody? Is it a trend? It's definitely different from 2NE1's recent songs which are dance songs and always sounds upbeat / energetic. The song has a sad, mellow vibe to it. Idk, it's probably retro sounds or something like that. And the girls vocals are, as always, great - especially Park Bom. I always love her voice. The MV carries the perfect mood for the song; check it out below :D

How can I smile brightly (what?)
If you’ll look closely, I am sad
I know I’ve been there before
I dont like the calculative love of adults
I’m just tired but i’m okay
No, the truth is
I still hate you, you who left me
My cold heart is still
Missing you
All the members look so pretty in the MV; and I'm quite shocked with CL's 'nude (?)' scene - which made her look really sorrowful, I think. Apart from that, I don't think the song is 'extremely' sad or anything. Because the news said the members cried (?) while recording the song; and boss Yang Hyun Suk was also in tears. The lyrics, for me, isn't as heartbreaking as Huh Gak's songs, though to be honest ㅋㅋㅋ. But I'm sure Blackjacks will still give lots of love to 2NE1

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