Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[MUSIC] 100% V - 100% V Single Album | 퇴근길 (Missing you) MV

100% is a 7-member boy group which debuted back in 2012 under TOP Media Entertainment - raised by Shinhwa's maknae: Andy. I've been paying close attention to this group since their song A Guy Like Me (나 같은 놈) and their most recent amazing song Want U Back. So I'm so excited when they said they're releasing a song from the group's sub-unit 100% V (Voice). There are 4-members in this sub-unit: Chanyong, Jonghwan, Rokhyun, and Hyukjin. The title song is 퇴근길 (Missing you), the korean literally means 'The Way Back Home From Work'. Check out the MV below :3

I’m on my way home but I can’t go home
I’m on my way home but I suddenly remember you
I’m on my way home but I can’t settle down my heart, what do I do?
Now I can’t ever see you again.
It's ballad song that sounds a bit jazzy (?); I love the additional rap part and the vocals are amazing. The MV focuses on this guy who just returned from 'somewhere', and he keeps remembering the memory of this girl (perhaps his ex, or something). He's all mellow and stuff, and we get to listen to the nice songs while watching him (and her) keep thinking about each other. Nothing special with the MV, but the song is worth listening to.

Uh you steal the glances of all the guys who pass by you
You’re so selfish, that’s enough
You don’t have a single flaw, you’re so wicked
How can you be so pretty? How can my heart race like this every day?
Compared to the title track, I actually love this one better, the third track: 예뻐서 그래 (Cause You're Beautiful). It's a pop song which is more upbeat and cheerful compared to the title track. The song is so catchy and I keep replaying it on my playlist. Anyway, there's also an intro song in this album titled: Voice - which is around a minute. It's a rap intro, and in the background there's a voice that keeps saying 'one hundred~~' ㅋㅋㅋ. Anyway, I love them! I hope they'll do well, and wishing for a full group comeback soon - although boss-Andy is facing crisis.
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