Sunday, October 27, 2013

[VARIETY] Dad Where Are You Going 아빠 어디가 EP 42

This episode is still the continuation of the previous episode, the trip in Jeolla-do. In the morning, the dads have to pack lunch (도시락) for their autumn picnic in the forest. To enjoy the beautiful forest even better, the dads have to teach their children how to ride two-wheeler bike - since they're used to riding the easy three or four-wheeled bikes. Of course it's not easy for the kids who just started learning. The dads and the kids have some quality time together and had lots of fun. And the kids various reactions while learning how to ride is definitely cute and worth seeing ^3^
Here's Hoo, who started off being all negative, saying he can't do it because things aren't going well. But Minsoo-Appa doesn't give up easily and keeps cheering Hoo, saying that he can do it. Awww I always love Minsoo for this kind of moments. Hoo keeps looking back, afraid that his dad would let go of his hand. Soon after, Hoo starts to get the feeling and successfully ride the bike! No doubt there are ups and downs. Hoo always pouts when he fell, but get back up and all smiles when he's riding the bike like a boss. ㅋㅋㅋ

On the other hand, Junsu isn't doing so well because he couldn't keep the balance. He's happy when he ride the bike together with his dad, though. While Mingook proudly ride the bike, because he doesn't have to learn that much - so his dad has a chance to take a nap, but no quality time with his child. LOL. Jia, the only girl in the group, unexpectedly rides very well the first time. Probably her dad's athletic ability is passed down to his daughter. My favorite is still Hoo; because after he fell from his bicycle and cried - he started riding again after his dad consoled him. Aww such a cutie-pie.

They had their lunch after the tiring exercise under the burning sun. Each family share the food they made - most of them made Kimbap (김밥), which looks like sushi. And while the kids are playing around the forest, the dads prepared a special event for the kids: Storytelling! Each dads are given a character to play in the storytelling, and they have to play it out on stage. The actors (Jonghyuk and Dong-Il) are definitely the best! Although Minsoo and Jongkook are a bit awkward, they pulled it off nicely.

At the start of the event, Jia is kind of sad (or angry) because her dad got an antagonist character. But thankfully, Sung-joo as the narrator creates a story where everyone becomes good person at the end. The children are very happy and entertained with the somewhat-sloppy storytelling. I can see how the dads are trying their best to make the children enjoy it. The sweetest part is when the children are asked about the dads acting. Joon and Junsu (both dads are actors) proudly gives two thumbs up for the event. I was so touched by how sincere they look. They must've loved their actor-dads so much ㅠ3ㅠ
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