Thursday, October 10, 2013

[MUSIC] T-ARA - Again 'The 8th Mini Album'

After a long hiatus in the Korean music industry because of rumors surrounding the group, T-ara finally made a comeback with a mini album titled 'Again'. This time, they decided to have double title track: 넘버나인 (No.9) and 느낌 아니까 (Because I Know). Even though I never been a fan of T-ara before (and only recognize one member, Jiyeon), I'm curious as to how their comeback will be. Below are the tracklist of the album and two MVs of their title tracks.

Track 1. 넘버나인 (No.9)

Track 2. 느낌 아니까 (Because I Know)

Track 3.아파
Track 4. 결혼 하지마
Track 5. 넘버나인 (No.9) (Club Ver.)

For 넘버나인 (No.9), I don't feel anything special because this kind of electropop music has never been my favorite. But listening to it, the song sounds pretty T-ara-ish; because I think most of T-ara title tracks sounds similar with this one. So if you're a fan of T-ara songs, you can try this one out. The second title track 느낌 아니까 (Because I Know), is a song with slower tempo and pop beat. I prefer this one better, even though it doesn't sound catchy enough to make me love it. 아파 is a ballad song, 결혼 하지마 sounds sweet and upbeat, and the last song is a 'club version' of the main title track - which modifies the song with 'club' vibe. Hopefully T-ara can gain people's attention with this mini album (ノ^_^)ノ

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