Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[VARIETY] We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요 EP 192

This week's We Got Married is full of new discoveries, as the couple sees a different side of their partner and talks heart-to-heart. There's a lot more variety in this episode, in which you can see a fight happening with the loving-couple, a serious talking between the couple who fights all the time, and of course there's also romantic things happening. Here's my recap of this episode.

*Lee Taemin - Son Naeun couple
Pfftt.. After what I wrote in the previous episode review post, I'm actually a bit disappointed with how the situation turns out. I thought they were going to have a 'real fight'. But it turns out, it's all Taemin's scheme to let him see Naeun's tears. They were having fun dating at first, and then they spotted a studio where you can make couple's hand sculpture. Both of them decided to do it, and they have to put plaster covering their holding hands. After a while, they decided to walk around, with the plaster keeping them together. Taemin started complaining about the plaster being annoying and he hated it. But of course, to our innocent Naeun, those words seems like Taemin saying he hates holding hands with her.

Although I admit that it's a bit more exciting watching them fight rather than being lovey-dovey all the time, I wasn't really happy with what Taemin is doing. His purpose of seeing Naeun cry is to see another side of her, but he has to understand how Naeun completely trusted him. She's been so careful about opening her heart for Taemin, and she felt disappointed with his attitude - which then made her burst in tears. Next episode, it's Taemin's punishment time. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!
*Jung Joon-Young - Jung Yoo-Mi couple

After finished with their skateboarding lesson, they both head to a food stall to eat and drink a bottle of soju together. This is the first time they had a heart-to-heart talk with each other (because they kept fighting when they're at home). They talked about their friend's opinion about the 4D couple, they also talked about career - why Joon-Young wanted to become a singer (a rocker, he said, not a singer); why Yoo-Mi loved acting, and they even complimented each other - although it doesn't go well because Joon-Young kept being shy. It's really nice to see this couple getting deeper in their relationship. This kind of setup is also the kind of marriage that Yoo-Mi dreamed of. Next week, the show revealed the behind the scenes of Joon-Young's MV filming - which involved Yoo-Mi as the actress! Yoo-Mi is definitely going to teach Joon-Young some acting lessons. 
*Yoon Han - Lee So-Yeon couple

Aigooo, this couple is probably the sweetest I've ever watch in We Got Married; too sweet for me to handle, in fact. They still continue cleaning the house; wiping the windows oh-so-romantically like you'd see in dramas. Playing with water, spraying each other. Nothing new actually. And when Yoon Han is taking a rest, So-Yeon bought the ingredients to make dinner: Yoon Han's favorite Bean Paste Soup (된장찌개). While they had dinner together, Yoon Han prepared the wine-glass questions like So-Yeon prepared on their first meeting. The glass is full of questions he wanted to ask So-Yeon about. At the end of the day, they received an invitation-mission. They're going to Busan International Film Festival together! But seriously, they need to reduce the sweetness, and less drama scenes, please.

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