Thursday, June 12, 2014

[MUSIC] Jun. K of 2PM - NO LOVE (Korean Ver.)

Looks like Jun. K is giving a sweet surprise for Hottests! After his 1st Japanese Solo Album was released in Japan in May, today (June 12nd), the Korean Version of "LOVE&HATE" album was released online in Korea. ( ' 3 ')~♥  The album will be available in stores on June 16th. "LOVE&HATE" Korean Version album includes “NO LOVE (Korean. ver.)” as a bonus track, as well as a poster (2 types), and a set of 6 photocards! () Check out the MV of NO LOVE (Korean Ver.) below!

Track List:
03. With You
04. Mr. Doctor
05. REAL LOVE feat. Lang Lang
06. LOVE & HATE (Instrumental)
07. NO LOVE (Korean Ver.)

 Jun. K (준케이) - NO LOVE (Korean Ver.)

" Baby, was it a dream?
When I looked at you, my heart was about to explode, about to melt,
I didn’t want to wake up..."

Actually i didn't expect this coming (that the album will be released in Korea), but i'm soooo happy and excited for him! His album was a big success in Japan so i'm glad that JYP Entertainment decided to release it in Korea. I hope this album will charmed a lot of people in Korea. ^_^

Talking about the album, NO LOVE is definitely my #1 favorite, along with NO MUSIC NO LIFE (Feat. Ai). Even though the Japanese version of NO LOVE is already good, i prefer the Korean version. Some changes in the lyrics and melody make it even better.<3 Not to mention the lyrics; It's just so beautiful yet hurtful.

I was watching the MV on Youtube and reading all the comments below it, and suddenly i feel like crying. lol. I can only see good reviews all over it. :") I didn't realize that i was smiling like a proud mom (?) XD Jun. K is my ultimate bias, and i'm so happy that he finally get recognize for his music. He is such a talented singer and songwriter, it's just that he's so underrated. I feel really sad to say that, but that's a fact. I hope with this album, many people will realize and supporting him as a singer and songwriter, not only as a member of 2PM. :)

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