Friday, November 22, 2013

[MUSIC] San E (산이) - 2nd Mini Album 'Not' Based On The True Story' | 이별식탁 (Break Up Dinner) MV

San E is finally back with his 2nd Mini Album after a long hiatus since 2011. The mini album titled 'Not' Based on the True Story is filled with catchy rap songs that delivers San E amazing skills. The title song for this album is 이별식탁 (Break Up Dinner); the song features Sanchez of Phantom. Before the release of the title track MV, two other MVs are pre-released, both are also very catchy songs from the mini album. Check out all the MVs below :3

Track 06: 이별식탁 (Feat. 산체스 Of 팬텀) (Break Up Dinner)
Let’s enjoy this break up dinner
When we’re done, will I be able to forget you?
Probably not but our break up dinner…
After tonight, I won’t be able to see you again
So I want to fill myself up with you
The song is a combination of rap and R&B which is so beautiful and catchy. It's about a couple who already broke up, and the guy asked the girl out on a dinner - break up dinner, that is. The lyrics are very interesting, because it seems like a conversation they had while having dinner; almost forgetting that both had no relationship with each other anymore. MV basically just act out all the songs.
Track 07: 아는사람 얘기 (Story of Someone I Know)
A guy who broke up with his loving girlfriend a few days ago
Just a person that I know
He’s taking it hard and is really sad
What do you think?
No, this isn’t my story
It’s just a story of a person I know
The lyrics to this song is absolutely awesome, I'm so loving it At the beginning of the song, he's telling a story about 'a guy' who just broke up and how he felt sad and all that. The sad story goes on, and he insisted it's just a story of someone he knows. But at the end, he confessed it's his own story. The beat and melody of the rap is also very addictive ^^
Track 05: 어디서 잤어 (Feat. 버벌진트, 스윙스) (Where Did You Sleep)
Where did you sleep last night?
Why was your phone off?
You promised you would call when you got home
(Nah ah let me ask you again girl)
Where did you sleep last night?
San E collaborated with Verbal Jint - who's also an incredible rapper. This song is also very catchy, about a guy asking why the girl didn't pick up the phone, asking her where did she sleep last night. Amazing collaboration :3
When I first checked out this album, I didn't have any expectation because I never paid much attention to San E since his debut. The first track of the album titled 음성메세지 (Skit), is a voice mail conversation, some kind of intro. Track 02 더 불행했음 좋겠다, is a very absurd song because there's a lot of F**K repeated over and over again; and I was starting to get all negative about the album (?), but thank God the rest of the tracks are great. Track 03 전 여자친구에게 (Feat. 선우정아) has a more gloomy mood to the sound, tough rap and a girl sorrowful voice for the chorus.

Now the rest of the album tracks are my favorite! Starting from Track 04 지영이 어머니, it's a cheerful, super-catchy rap song. The chorus that keeps saying 'Jiyeong-i Eomoni~' is stuck in my head. From Track 05 to Track 07, I already write my review earlier. Track 08 to Track 10 are instrumental tracks for all the MV songs. Still in awe with the songs' lyrics - I'm officially San E's fan !
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