Monday, November 18, 2013

[MUSIC] FT ISLAND (FT아일랜드) - 5th Mini Album 'The Mood' | 미치도록 (MADLY) MV

FT ISLAND (FT아일랜드) is back with their 5th mini album 'The Mood'! I am extremely happy with this comeback, since I was a bit disappointed with their 6th anniversary mini album release. I used to be an avid fan of FT Island because Min Hwan (the drummer is my bias). Even now I'm still enjoying their rock ballad songs, and I think FT Island is the only K-pop band I will ever love. The album consists of 4 tracks, and title song for this album is 미치도록 (Madly), which is a rock-ballad-typical-FT Island song, and I absolutely love ittt! ♥ Check out the MV below :3
  I madly miss only you, I only miss you to death
I try to push you out but it’s only you
I only miss you, I only miss you to death
I tell myself that I’m over you but it’s only you
I keep missing you
I only miss you
The MV doesn't really have a story, it's basically just Jonghoon walking and running around being sad (or as the MV description said: 'a guy who desperately misses the past lover') and Hongki singing. I'm quite sad because we don't get to see much of the other members' face. Min Hwan as a drummer at the back can only be seen slightly in the shadow. Same thing happens with Jaejin and Seunghyun :( Maybe they'll release another version with the members' face? Idk. Anyways, I'm absolutely loving the title song, hope it will do well in the charts.
02 가질 수 없는 너
03 The Way Into You
04 Siren
The rest of the album tracks are personally written by the members. The second track by Jonghoon, third track by Jaejin, and the fourth track by Hongki. Those three songs are pop-rock songs that sounds upbeat unlike the title song. For all those rock songs lover out there, be sure to listen to these songs as well. But for me, I still love the title track best. It will probably be replaying in my playlist for a few days, at least. Let's support FT Island!

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