Friday, February 7, 2014

[MUSIC] GAIN (가인) - Truth or Dare 3rd Mini Album + Truth or Dare (진실 혹은 대담) MV

After the pre-release of Fxxk You the other day, I was so excited waiting for the release of Gain's mini album. Her third mini album consist of 6 songs, and title track is Truth or Dare (진실 혹은 대담). Gain is one of the Brown Eyed Girls member, and she has a unique husky voice - which totally suits her sexy concept. Check out the tracklist and MV below ^3^

01. 진실 혹은 대담 (Truth or Dare)
02. Fxxk U (Feat. Bumkey 범키)
03. Q&A (Feat. Jo Kwon 조권)
04. Black & White
05. 폭로
06. A Tempo (CD Only)

GAIN (가인)  - Truth or Dare (진실 혹은 대담)

"Hello, can I say something?
You say you know me that well?
It’s so strange, when you’re in front of me
You can’t say anything but you talk a lot behind my back"

GAIN (가인)  - Fxxk U (Feat. Bumkey 범키)

"Fxxk U, don’t want it now
I don’t wanna lay down next to you as if it’s natural
Fxxk U, you know, Fxxk U
I don’t wanna do it like this
This isn’t how I feel"

Compared to the title track, I still love Fxxk You better (even though the lyrics are awkward to listen to in public. The MV of Truth or Dare (진실 혹은 대담) is also pretty distracting with all the interviews - so I can't really focus on the song itself. I think the MV is trying to portray Gain as a celebrity, with all the people talking behind her back (?) or something - because that's what the lyrics is about. From the rest of the album, my favorite track is: Q&A (Feat. Jo Kwon 조권)! The Adam Couple finally reunited! ;__; It's a really sweet song and both of their voices are soothing. Overall, I'm giving Gain's mini album a 3/5 rating.
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